How much is the recommended investment amount? 建议投资多少钱?

The minimum investment amount is RM 1,000. Our clients generally invest amounts ranging from RM 20,000 to RM 1,000,000. 最低从 RM 1,000 开始投资。 顾客一般投资数额从RM 20,000 到 RM 1,000,000不等。

How to get started? 怎么开始投资?

Please contact me. I'll apply an account for you online. Your account will be activated within 3 to 5 days (excluding non-working days and public holidays). Non-business day or public holiday applications will be approved 3 to 5 days from the next business day. The login ID will be sent to your registered email address and the one-time login password will be sent to your mobile phone. You will need to log in to your account and change your own login ID and password. 请联系我。我会让你网上申请户口。
登入ID将发送到你注册的电子邮箱,一次性登入密码将会发送到你的手机。 你将需要登录到你的帐户然后更换你自己的登录ID和密码。

What services do we provide? 我们提供什么服务?

We provide professional investment advice and investment solutions. Investment instruments include unit trusts, Managed Portfolios, retail bonds, insurance, and so on.

How much do we charge? 我们如何收费?

There is no charges for investment advice. If you feel the investment is right for you and you want to invest, then you will enjoy lower sales charge than the market.

What platform is this? 这是什么平台?

One of the largest listed wealth management fintech platforms in Asia, headquartered in Singapore, powered by in-house IT systems, provides a comprehensive portfolio of investment solutions and services to financial advisory firms, financial institutions, banks, multinational corporations, as well as retail and high net worth investors in Asia.
The platform is governed by Malaysian law. The Company holds a Capital Markets Services Licence (CMSL) and is licensed by the Securities Commission to carry out the following regulated activities :- Operating unit trust funds Provide investment advisory services Handles private retirement plans Trading in securities (OTC bonds only) Fund management related to portfolio management The platform is Unit Trust Advisers (IUTA) and Institutional Private Retirement Plan Advisers (IPRA), registered under the Federation of Investment Managers Malaysia (FIMM). The company is also an approved financial adviser authorized by the Bank Negara Malaysia to engage in financial advisory business.
亚洲最大的上市财富管理金融科技平台之一,总部位于新加坡,以内部IT系统为动力,为金融咨询公司、金融机构、银行、跨国公司以及亚洲散户和高净值投资者提供全面的投资解决方案和服务。 该平台受马来西亚法律监管。 本公司持有资本市场服务牌照(CMSL),并获证券监察委员会 (Securities Commission) 发牌进行下列受规管活动:- 经营单位信托基金 提供投资咨询服务 处理私人退休计划 买卖证券(限于场外债券) 与投资组合管理有关的基金管理 平台是马来西亚投资经理联合会(FIMM)注册机构单位信托顾问(IUTA)和机构私人退休计划顾问(IPRA)。该公司亦是马来西亚中央银行授权的核准财务顾问,从事财务顾问业务。

What is a fund? 什么是基金?

A fund is a financial instrument that allows the public to pool their money in a "trust" fund, managed by a professional fund manager, and then invest the fund in a diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds and other investments. 基金是一种金融工具,允许公众将他们的资金集中到一个“信托”基金中,由专业基金经理管理,然后将基金投资于多元化的股票、债券和其他投资。

Is Unit Trust regulated? Is it safe? 基金受监管吗?安全吗?

Unit trust is regulated by Malaysian law and is safe. The Capital Markets and Services Act 2007 regulates all matters relating to unit trusts, while the Unit Trust Guidelines govern the operation and administration of unit trusts. The guidelines also provide a regulatory environment for protecting the interests of the public and promoting the orderly development of the trust industry. So when you invest in a unit trust, your money is safe. The Securities Regulatory Commission will read and approve the prospectus and annual report of the Unit Trust, audit the financial records of the Unit Trust on a regular basis and generally ensure that everything is in order. To protect your investment, a trustee will be appointed. The trustee shall exercise custody and control over the assets of the fund and ensure that the fund manager complies with the requirements of the trust contract. 基金是受马来西亚法律监管,而且安全的。《2007年资本市场和服务法》规定了与单位信托基金有关的所有事宜,而《单位信托基金指引》则管理单位信托基金的运作和管理。该指引还为保护投资公众利益、促进单位信托业有序发展提供了监管环境。 所以,当你投资单位信托基金时,你的钱是安全的,不会被盗取。证券监督管理委员会将阅读并批准单位信托的招股说明书和年度报告,定期审计单位信托的财务记录,一般确保基金一切正常。为保障您的投资,基金将会委任受托人。受托人应当对基金的资产进行托管和控制,并确保基金管理人遵守信托契约的要求。

What is a bond? 什么是债卷?

A bond is a financial instrument used to represent a loan between the party raising money and the party lending it (the bondholder). Bonds are generally categorized by government bonds and corporate bonds. 债券是一种金融工具,用来代表筹集资金的一方和借出资金的一方(债券持有人)之间的贷款。债券大致分为政府债券和公司债券。

What are the risks? 投资有风险吗?

All investments carry a certain amount of risk. Therefore, potential investors should consider the following risk factors before making any investment: Market risk Buying any security involves some risk. As unit trusts invest primarily in listed stocks, they may be exposed to losses due to global, regional or national economic conditions, government policies or political developments. Market uncertainty and the market volatility caused by these uncertainties can affect the net asset value (NAV) of unit trusts, which may fall as well as rise. Liquidity risk The various bonds purchased by the fund may be subject to liquidity risk. Liquidity risk refers to the fund's ability to take and trade positions quickly and easily at a reasonable price. If the fund contains a security that has become temporarily or permanently illiquid or difficult to sell, the fund manager may need to sell the security at a price below its fair value, which will ultimately affect the value of the fund. Management Risk The performance of the fund depends on the experience, expertise, knowledge and investment skills of the fund manager. Poor management of the fund will cause significant losses to the fund, which in turn may affect the funds invested. Inflation Risk Ideally, the goal of any investment is to ensure a return above the rate of inflation. Although funds constantly seek to maximize returns and exceed the rate of inflation, they sometimes suffer losses, resulting in returns not keeping up with inflation in the short term. Interest Rate Risk Fixed income securities and bonds are particularly sensitive to changes in interest rates. When interest rates rise, the value of fixed-income securities and bonds falls, and vice versa, affecting the net asset value of the fund. A country's general interest rate environment may affect the value of an investment.
任何投资都带有一定的风险。因此,潜在投资者在进行任何投资前,应考虑以下风险因素: 市场风险
购买任何证券都会有一定的风险。由于单位信托基金主要投资于上市股票,因此可能会因全球、区域或国家的经济状况、政府政策或政治发展而蒙受损失。市场的不确定性和由这些不确定性引起的市场波动会影响单位信托的资产净值(NAV),资产净值可能下跌也可能上涨,从而导致基金产生的收入从风险较高的基金到风险较低的基金、收益较低的基金的波动。 流动性风险
基金购买的各种债卷可能会遇到流动性风险。流动性风险指的是该基金在合理的价格上快速轻松地进行持仓和平仓交易的能力。如果基金包含的证券已成为暂时或永久的流动性不足或难以出售,基金经理可能需要以低于其公允价值的价格出售该证券,这最终会影响基金的价值。 管理风险
基金的表现取决于基金经理的经验、专长、知识和投资技巧。基金管理不善会造成基金的重大损失,进而可能影响投资的资金。 通胀风险
理想情况下,任何投资的目的都是确保高于通货膨胀率的回报。虽然基金会不断寻求最大的回报和超过通货膨胀率,但有时也会遭受亏损,从而导致短期内的回报赶不上通货膨胀的速度。 利率风险

What is the expected rate of return? 预计的回报率是多少?

The rate of return depends on the performance of the fund/bond/stock. Return on investment can be divided into investment income and capital growth: Investment income comes from dividends on shares and capital gains on the sale of shares. The return on capital growth comes from an increase in the value of the stocks in the portfolio. An investor who sells a fund/bond/stock above the purchase price makes a profit, while similarly, an investor who sells a percentage of his investment below the purchase price suffers a loss.
回报率取决于基金/债卷/股票的表现。 投资回报可分为投资收入回报和资本增长回报: 投资收入回报来自股票的股息和出售股票的资本利得。 资本增长回报来自于投资组合中股票价值的增长。以高于购买价出售基金/债卷/股票的投资者可获利,而同样地,如果出售的投资比例低于购买价,投资者则会蒙受损失。

Other questions? 其它问题?

Please feel free contact Sam 017 703 7310 directly. 请直接联系Sam 017 703 7310。